Magic mushroom spores

    Magic mushroom spores . Do you want to grow shrooms from spores? You need one of our spore bottles then! We provide various types of dropper bottles that you can easily do it with. Don’t have much experience growing shrooms? If that’s the case, we recommend ordering a complete grow kit at our web shop. This will allow you to get to work as soon as you receive your kit, including instructions. Our spore bottles are perfect for experienced users and due to that reasons we are unable to replace or refund any of our spores so please keep that in mind. Be sure that all the materials you work with are sterile. Are you curious about more tips

    magic mushroom spores – spore syringe – psilocybin spores

    Buy spore syringes with Psilocybe cubensis spores.Grow your own mushrooms or research the mushroom spores.500 grow parts per milliliters

    Mushrooms spores contain no active substances, and may therefore be sent to countries outside the Netherlands. Mushrooms are not plants, and growing mushrooms from spores requires some knowledge. With the growkits ‘Easy’ the difficult work is already done for you, and you can grow mushrooms from spores in a few simple steps with few resources.

    psilocybin mushroom spores – psilocybe cubensis spores – cubensis spores

    Mushroom spores are the starting point of mushroom cultivation, with these spores you can potentionally grow millions of muhsrooms. We offer you a great collection of high quality mushroom spores in vails,syringes and spore prints.

    The word ‘spore’ comes from the ancient Greek word Spora which means: Seed. We know now, this is not a correct term. Spores are not seeds to be exact. In the case of the P. cubensisP. cyanescens and other Basidiomycota fungi; spores are formed in the reproduction organ (the mushroom) of the fungus, without the need of another specimen.

    shroom spores – psilocybe spores – mushroom spore

    Our spore bottles can easily be ordered online at our web shop. Are you placing an order of more than 50 euros? If so, we will ship the product for free. You will also save points, which you can use to earn discounts and order free products. Do you want to know more about our selection or do you have questions about using our spore bottles? Please feel free to contact us!